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HuGo MoToR (b. 1956) is a Hawassa Ethiopia and Obfelden Switzerland-based artist as a life-long learner and auto-former. His art refers to the symptoms of human activity of the Anthropocene period.
HuGo MoToR has had solo exhibitions in Peru ; Universidad Nacional de Arte Diego Quispe Tito del Cusco and in Ethiopia in the Addis Abeba Museum and the Alliance Ethio-Française. He has produced and curated group exhibitions in Paris France ; Espace Oscar Niemeyer and Art-Without-Borders-Space. He created artworks as part of the 1% artistic interventions in public spaces in France for Vaumoise and Saint Pierre du Perray school groups and created, produced and executed independent art projects with residents and passers-by in France and in Switzerland. His work is in the A&LE Fund Collection, the Hewlett Pacquard Corporate Foundation Collection, the Addis Abeba Museum Collection, the Oscar Niemeyer Space Collection, as well as in numerous private collections.
During his stays in Ethiopia, HuGo MoToR voluntarily runs psychomotor art workshops in a primary school in Hawassa.


HuGo MoToR
We often tend to escape while not letting go © ADAGP Paris 2023

Installations and urban interventions
- Space Cave 2019, 3-dimensional fresco in the walls of the Louvre Hotel in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
- Race-Race-Race-2017, Artistic performance under the arcades of the Helmhaus in Zurich Switzerland.
- Si t’es Pierre c’est Marre 2016 Art Action with the inhabitants, Le Blanc-Mesnil France
- Hypnons 2012, Private Order, Achères la Forêt France.
- Living Space 2007, Molding of 224 characters in the concrete of the school group The Four Seasons of Saint Pierre du Perray France.
- A gesture a word 2006, An encyclopedic work with the inhabitants of the city, Le Blanc Mesnil France.
- A collegiate work 2006, Initiated and managed by HuGo MoToR at the Blanc Mesnil station France, 6 users living in three cities bordering the station, are paid for the creation and the collegial realization of a 300 m fresco in the parking lot of their station France.
- Big Brothers and Sisters 2003, 1% artistic with student participation. Rehabilitation of the Vaumoise school by Bourdon Architects France.
- Beton sur ton 2001, Carte Blanche at 4000. Invitation of the Cultural Center Jean Houdremont La Courneuve France. Demolition of a bar. Sound installation with voices of ancient inhabitants. Exhibition of about fifty concrete works and a fragment of wall of the demolished bar. Sound performance danced in a cube in backlight. Clip-Art. Kinetics of the demolition France.
- A gesture a word 2001, Digital work with the inhabitants, La Courneuve France.
- Thousand cubes in concrete 2001, Creation and realization of a collective work with the children of La Courneuve leisure centers France.
- The Phantom of the railways 2000, RN 2000 Manifestation on the route of the National Road 2 transformed into a cultivable field between La Villette and Le Blanc-Mesnil France.
- Direct figuration The free cow 1985, For La Nouvelle Biennale in Paris La Villette France, is transformed into a place of culture. A musical and plastic intervention of Hugo Motor with the group "Erste Hilfe" and a cow, graciously brought by a breeder, come to notice the change of attribution of the places, of market of meat to market of the art.

Art Shows
- Out Of Europa 2021, Symptomatic painting in Ethiopia, Alliance Ethio-Française, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
- What Is The Future Of Painting 2021, Addis Abeba Museum, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
- One Night Show of the Ethiopian Paintings 2020 Invitation of the Louvre Hotel in Addis Ababa.
- Art Show benefiting All Art Center Hawassa Ethiopia 2019, Stehli Seiden Areal Obfelden Switzerland.
- Antes de escribir 2018, Before writing 2018, Academia of Belles Artes Cusco Perú.
- Erse Show 2014, Experiment, share, build with articulated sculptures, Paris France.
- Rose Is A Rose 2011-2012, solo show, Paris France.
- N°CommenT2o11, Curator-Exhibitor, 1300m² Espace Oscar Niemeyer Paris France
- Black and white construed 2008, Collective exhibition Recto Verso at the Forum / Scene commissioned Blanc Mesnil, Commissioner Eric Joly, Blanc Mesnil France.
- Bodys and Souls 2007, Curator and Exhibitor, Space ARTS WITHOUT BORDER, 44 Rue Bouret, 75019 Paris France.
- Sacred Concrete 2007, Noria Garden, Sculpture Meadow, Mas de Licon, 30700 St Quentin la Poterie, Uzès France.
- Urban art 2006, Invitation of the Salon d’Automne, Palais des Congrès, Montreuil France.
- Concrete Cow 2006, Festival of vivid architectures, 22bis-36 Quai d’Austerlitz, Paris France with the assistance of Holcim Beton France.
- Art Shaker Gallery, 8 rue Grégoire de Tour, Paris France, 2007/2006/2005/2004.
- The Crusts Fair 2005, Place Constantin Pecqueur, 75018 Paris France.
- Collective exhibition of artists from Galerie Atelier du Génie 2004, Paris France.
- Retrospective 2003, Rhodia PPMC Works Council, Aubervilliers France.
- The poet of concrete 2003, Galerie Atelier du Génie, 75012 Paris France.
- Artists in the City 2002, La Courneuve Cultural Center France.
- Bradart 2001, Workshop 11, La Courneuve France.
- Brutes of the formwork 2001, Galerie La Boucherie, Paris France.
- Concrete on tone 2001, Jean Houdremont Cultural Center, La Courneuve France.
- The rails in the city 2000, Mairie du 18e arrondissement, Paris France.
- Swiss at URDLA 1999, Exhibition of lithographs, Villeurbanne France.
- Bétons en liberté 1996, Exhibition of concrete works in dialogue with the concrete city Chandigarh created from scratch by Le Corbusier. Works financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, Carré Curial, Espace Malraux, Chambéry France.
- Spices and what 1994, Corporate Foundation Hewlett-Packard France, Work on a material with various spices, first olfactory exhibition, Evry France.
- Acrylic Case 1992, Arts-Affaires, Boulogne Billancourt France.
- Communiotically yours, Alternative Jean Brasilier, Paris, 1991.
- Permanence of Doubt 1990, Galerie Sparts, First Olfactory Pictures, Paris France.
- Disappearance of a floated painting 1985, Espace Cosmopolite, rue Champollion, Paris France.

Research and Partnerships
- Olfactory concrete Partnership with Innovathèque SCBA for the Architect @ Work event at La Grande Halle de la Villette Paris 2012-2013
- Partnership with Holcim France SAS, Ecological Cement from steelmaking slag and O.M.G company, White marble sand, Creation, 2008.
- Partnership with Groupe Lafarge for the realization of a painting in Ductal, 2008.
- Research and creation with white fused cement, Ternal White, from Kerneos and USF dyes from Coloris GCC for the ECS exhibition in Nuremberg, 2007.
- Partnership with the Tourist Office of Seine Saint Denis, Biennial Exhibition, And here is the work ! Builders, On the Icade EMGP site in Aubervilliers, "The artistic, heritage and historical aspects are mixed with presentations of know-how", Installation Communiotic World, Aubervilliers, 2007.
- Creation for Holcim Concrete France s.a.s, Concrete cow, Concrete self placing Flexcimo, Festival of vivid architectures, Paris, 2006.
- Partnership with the Salon d’Automne and Holcim Béton France s.a.s, Creation, Hypnons, 2006.
- Provision of a research and application material, Ductal, Lafarge Group, 2004-2005.
- Research and creation with phospho-magnesian concretes and mortars, Rhodia PPMC Laboratory, Aubervilliers, 2000-2003.
- Research and development of spicy and olfactory concretes with the voluntary help of Jean-Pierre Aury. Paris 1995-2000 "Jean-Pierre Aury taught me, as and when we met, the relationships between the various elements involved in the composition of a concrete, whether structural or architectural, for a desert or a marine environment.The stacking of aggregates, cements, water, impurities, plasticizers, everything else interested me.It was most often time, when he found a niche, as he said, between two flights, around a beer, at the George V, but also sometimes in my successive workshops, where he was traveling with his driver. "

- The usefulness of an artist in an industrial environment, as part of his partnership with Rhodia, Presentation of artistic applications of materials developed in the laboratory and presentation of previous works so that all employees and Rhodia engineers can understand his approach and the relevance of his presence. Aubervilliers, 2003.

- Hewlett Pacquard Corporate Foundation France
- Cultural Center Jean Houdremont La Courneuve France
- Rhodia PPMC Aubervilliers France
- Oscar Niemeyer Space Paris France
- The A&LE Fund International
- Stehli Seiden AG Obfelden Switzerland
- Addis Abeba Museum Ethiopia
- And numerous private collections

- Follies of Concrete, ISBN 978-2-9531661-0-1, Éditions Artistes au Jardin, 2008.
- Sacred Concrete 2007, Prairie Sculptures, Noria Garden, ISBN 978-2-9516669-3-1.
- Fields of Diversity, Salon d’automne 2006 and Holcim Béton France sponsors the work Hypnons 2006, Palais des Congrès Est, Montreuil France.
- Swiss at URDLA, Edition URDLA, International Center for Prints and Books, ISBN 2-9515217-0-7, 1999.

- SCHWIIZ-CHRANKEHUUS, PifGü PRESS, Poetry. ISBN-3-85642-001-0, 1979.

- URDLA, Order of four lithographs, H. U. G. O., about twenty copies each, intended for various museums in the world, Villeurbanne, 1990.

- In search of belonging, The Life History survey on the construction of identities. Under the direction of France Guérin-Pace, Olivia Samuel and Isabelle Ville, in the Grandes Enquêtes collection initiated by Martine Rousso-Rossmann and directed by Cécile Lefèvre. Editions of INED, 2009, Paris France
- MAB UNIVERSATILES, Poems - ISBN 979-10-699-3796-3